How do I add a vehicle to a customer while I am making new appointments?

You can add a vehicle to a customer by navigating to the “Appointments” tab and clicking on “Quick Schedule”. Then you can search for a customer in this popup box and select the “Add Vehicle” option. This will open a popup model to allow you to enter a VIN or select a make, model, year and trim.


When you enter a valid VIN, we will decode that VIN automatically and you can add that vehicle to the customer’s profile.


Will all the appointments transfer to my DMS?

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We integrate with all the major DMSes and will pull and push all the appointments that you make in the DMS into myKaarma and vice versa. We have active scheduler integration with CDK, Opentrack/Dealertrack and Dealerbuilt. We are also actively working on appointment integration contacts with other major DMSes.


How do I set appointment reminders through myKaarma?

myKaarma sends out automatic appointment reminders based on the date and time of the appointments. For all appointments that lie in the early hours (before 12 pm), we will send email and text reminders an evening before the appointment. For later appointments, we send appointment reminders on the same morning as the appointment. If you would like us to modify this setting, please let us know at

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