Scheduler and Scheduler plus common issues and configurations

DMS Push Fail

  • Why isn't this appointment updated/present in our DMS? 

Appointments commonly won't be visible in your DMS or updated in your DMS if there has been a failure in the DMS push

  • what a DMS push fail looks like and where to find the possible causes and solutions for the push failure 

Appointments with a push failure will appear on the scheduler with a red warning sign, you can hover over this warning sign to see the push failure reason:




You can as well see when this failure happened by opening the appointment and clicking “view appointment history” where you will see at what point this failure happened.  From here you can as well again view the appointment push failure reason by hovering over the red warning sign:




The DMS push failure reason will commonly be solvable by firstly understanding the failure reason and then correcting the cause. Here the failure reason is that the assigned service advisor on the appointment does not have a valid employee number (DMS ID) and therefore the appointment cannot be pushed to the DMS. The solution here would be adding a valid DMS ID to the users account in manage settings or double checking the current DMS ID in manage users. 


If the failure reason is not clear or cannot be solved with simple adjustments you can reach out to support at with the appointment information or call  (562) 349-1367

Blocking out Holidays and major dates

  • Why is X date not blocked out in myKaarma and allowing customers to schedule appointments? 

Holidays are not blocked off in the scheduler by myKaarma, all major dates and holidays will have to be manually turned off in the scheduler setting, located here:

Settings > appointments > dealer schedule, select “allow changes for selected dates”




This will display specific dates, slots in green mean they are marked as available. To turn off appointments for the whole day, click on the date which will prompt you to select if you would like to turn the slot off or on.




To turn off certain time slots in the day you can click the individual slots which will then turn red, and hit save.


Assigning appointments to no preference

  • How to set up no preference as an advisor

Appointments made under no preference will by default round robin an appointment to an available advisor for the selected time upon pushing the appointment to the DMS.


To be able to schedule appointments under “no preference” and have no preference act as an available advisor itself, a valid DMS ID will need to be provided to support. This DMS ID will be added to the no preference account, and appointments can now be assigned to no preference, and will appear under no preference in the scheduler:




We can only perform X opcode/service X amount of times a day, customers are booking too many of these services.

  • How to set up daily capacities for opcodes

Scheduler plus will allow the opportunity for opcodes/services to have daily limits, this product allows dealers to set a limit on any opcode based on any day of the week.


To set up daily limits, you will want to go to Settings > appointments > opcodes and dealer menus. From here, you can either “add new” or search for a pre-existing opcode, where you can scroll to the bottom and set a daily limit: 




Our online scheduler doesn't have prices, descriptions, etc… visible online for customers when booking services. 


Stores can configure the ability to have opcode prices, names, and/or descriptions visible to customers on their online scheduler when booking appointments and services.


The name, description, and price of opcodes that will be displayed online are located in opcode management:




To set this up for pricing, names and/or descriptions to be visible on your online scheduler, please reach out to or call  (562) 349-1367



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