Why am I getting an appointment push failure?


Push failures errors can occur for multiple reasons.  Hover over the red triangle either in Appointment History or Appointments tab to view the complete error message. 






Review the following list of common error messages and how to correct them: 


Error: Error=Invalid DealerID or Key Sent to ComparisonUtil: 
This error occurs when we received an empty customer key from the DMS. 

Please reach out to myKaarma Support and provide a default customer that can be used when we do not receive a customer key. 


Error: 204 INVALID DATA LENGTH (OP CODE): This error occurs when one or more OpCodes present on the appointment are invalid in the DMS.

Remove the invalid opcode/s and replace them with valid opcode/s. 


Error: The service advisor must be valid employee number. The reservationist must be valid employee number. This error occurs when a service advisor is missing their DMS ID, DMS ID is incorrect, or a duplicate DMS ID exists in myKaarma.  

Correct or add DMS ID in myKaarma user profile.


Error: No Opcodes OR notes present in Appointment. Need at least one job OR some text in Notes to push with the Appointment. This error occurs when there are no opcodes or notes on the appointment.

Correct by adding at least 1 opcode or notes to the appointment. 


Error: 2 RECORD NOT FOUND (SERVCODE). This error occurs when there are one or more incorrect opcodes on the appointment. 

Double check the opcodes used and make the necessary corrections. 


Error: Appointment (#) is locked by (name) on port (number). This error occurs when the same appointment is open in CDK.

Close the duplicate appointment from CDK. 






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