Video Upload Troubleshooting

Important: Do not reinstall the mobile app if you have pending uploads as they will be permanently deleted.

If you are experiencing issues uploading videos in myKaarma, below are a few things to check for/steps to take that should resolve the problem for you:

1. Keep the app open

Ensure that you are keeping the myKaarma mobile application open during the upload process. If you close the app or lock your phone, the upload(s) will slow or pause until the next time you open up your app.

2. Perform a video upload speed test

Run a Video Upload Speed Test on the affected device. This can be found in the Settings & Help section of the app, and will tell you if your connection passes or fails. If it fails or makes no progress, that indicates there is a network issue on your end, outside of myKaarma's control. This can mean that the speed of the Wi-Fi isn't adequate, something is being blocked by your network firewall, there is an issue with the Wi-Fi connection on your device, etc. You may also see a warning of "More than # concurrent users might cause upload failures". If this number is low in comparison to the number of technicians or users taking Video WalkArounds/Multi Point Inspections, then your network may not have enough bandwidth to support everyone at once. Please reach out to your IT department for further troubleshooting, and provide them with the domain and application whitelist to ensure nothing is being blocked.

3. Check the myKaarma app settings

Check that the setting Upload Automatically is enabled in the Settings & Help section, and that if you have Restrict Uploads to Wi-Fi Only turned on, you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you wish to upload using cellular data as well, you can keep that setting disabled.

4. Force restart uploads (iOS only)

If everything seems to be set up alright, you can force the upload(s) to restart by going to the list of your inspections under Video WalkAround » Inspections, scroll down to Uploading, and tap on the three dots. Tap on Pause All, tap on the three dots again, and then select Resume All. This will restart the upload process for all pending inspections.

5. Scan the troubleshooting QR code

Finally, if you're still experiencing issue, please try scanning the QR code found below, from the camera app on the device experiencing the uploading issues. You should see the myKaarma logo when successfully scanned/opened. This should help trigger the uploads to restart if they are stuck.



Note: If all else fails, we would also recommend updating your myKaarma mobile app and/or phone’s operating system if either is out-of-date (and ensuring that these are always kept up-to-date moving forward), or reinstalling the myKaarma mobile app. However, if you have any pending uploads, they will be removed upon reinstallation of the myKaarma mobile app.

To check if your device is compatible with myKaarma and all it's features, visit the myKarma Mobile Device Compatibility Chart.

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