Ipp 320 Troubleshooting / Mykaarma Swiper says "Initializing" or "Lane Closed"

Warning: Your access to the following troubleshooting may be limited by your IT Administrator. This document only contains instructions with troubleshooting the IPP 320 swiper in conjunction with dealerships using the CREDITCALL payment gateway.


Here are a few steps that can be taken in order to troubleshoot the Ingenico IPP-320.

The easiest way to fix this is to reboot your computer. If you don't have time for that, try the following steps. 

1 - Close out of myKaarma.
2 - In the search box next to (or inside) your Windows Start button, type in Services.msc and press Enter.
3 - The list that appears will be in alphabetical order. Find "CreditCallChipDNAServer."
4 - Right-click this item. Select Start or Restart.
5 - Reopen myKaarma.
6 - The swiper will restart itself and end up at "This lane closed." Once it lands there, re-initiate your transaction. 


If the automation doesn’t work while mK is open (but not logged), here is how to manually configure the device:

    • Go to the C: Drive and click on the CreditCallKaarma
    • Right click on the ChipDNA.config.xml file and click open with. Select Notepad and check as default
    • Edit the following fields (Be careful and avoid adding spaces)
      1. Terminal ID - Value from EMV Admin for the specific device. (This can be requested by contacting mykaarma support)
      2. Transaction Key - Value from EMV Admin for the specific device. (This can be requested by contacting mykaarma support)
      3. Model - Ingenico-iPP320-RBA
      4. Device ID - Value found on the back of the Swiper.
      5. Com Port - COM111
    • Save the file
    • Click the windows icon and search for services (gear icon one)
    • Find CreditCall-ChipDNAServer and click start or restart
    • Give the device 3 minutes to configure and reboot. The device screen should end up saying “Powered by NMI”.

If you still do not  have access, please contact your IT person to help you get the Service restarted. 

If you need any additional assistance, please contact myKaarma Support: 310-982-7707.

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