How do I install the Lane 3000 Swiper?

The Ingenico Lane 3000 swipers are the latest addition to mykaarma hardware used in conjunction with the Payments product. This document only contains instructions on installing the Lane 3000 swiper with the CREDITCALL payment gateway

This article goes over the installation of the Lane 3000 swiper. Before attempting to install, please reach out to IT or anyone with admin access to ensure that this is a smooth process.


Stage 1: Installing the myKaarma Desktop Application

Stage 2: Linking myKaarma to your New Swiper

  • Plug-in your new swiper and let the device load. Open up myKaarma during this time if it is not already open. Close myKaarma and restart myKaarma without logging in. This will initiate the auto configuration protocol. The device should configure itself in 3-5 minutes.

  • Right click on the top orange bar of myKaarma and click settings. The settings window will pop up, click on the Payments tab, and click Check.
  • After clicking Check, a Status Window will appear. Configuration state may say in progress, the device will be ready once it says Configured. The Device screen will remain blank when configured.

  • The device will also say “myKaarma Powered by NMI” if configured properly

Stage 3: Login to myKaarma and Begin Taking Payments

  • Login to myKaarma.

  • Follow these steps to take a test payment with your new swiper:
    1 – Click on the Payments tab and click the Pay Now button.
    2 – Enter a test RO in the Repair Order/Ref Number Field, then enter an amount.
    3 – Enter yourself as a customer in the Lookup Contact field.
    4 – Click Pay.
    5 – Slide or insert the card in the EMV swiper.
  • If you have any difficulty taking payments, contact our Support Team at or (562) 349-1367.


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