Why is the tech video count so low?

The inspection report is based on RO closed dates.

Be sure to check the date range at the top of insights when running the report as well as the filters.



It would only count non-internal Closed ROs that had a video taken. (You can change the filter to include Internal as well)

Be sure your technicians also have their DMS ID set up under Settings > Manage Users otherwise they would not be counted in the report or be labeled as Unassigned ROs.

If there are any opcodes that are filtered out, you can scroll down to see which OPCODES are excluded from the report. If you request an opcode to be filtered, it will take up to 24 hours to show up in the exclusion list. 


For service cart, if the MPI Status is in one of these statuses [in progress, not needed, not started, unassigned], it will not be counted for video credit


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