Managing Transportation Options & Limits

This article outlines how to adjust the limits for transportation options. For information on how to adjust the overall dealership capacity, or advisor capacity, please check out our article called "Setting Up Recurring or Weekly Repeating Schedules, and Configuring Dealership & Advisor Appointment Limits". You can also manage the capacity rules in Scheduler Plus by checking out our article "Managing Capacity Rules".

Transportation Options & Limits

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Your dealership's transportation options can be managed by going to Settings » Appointments » Transport Options. In the top half of this tab you can enable or disable transportation options overall (first column), as well as specifically for the online scheduler (second column). You can also edit the title and description for each option, as well as add custom options (note: these options will show as the transportation type "other" when pushing the appointment from myKaarma to your DMS).

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In the lower half of the tab, you can manage the limits for each transportation option. To do this, select the transportation option that you want to modify in the dropdown menu. You can either modify the limits for each general day of the week (Sunday through Saturday), or if you wish to make changes for specific dates, you can click on the blue "Allow changes only for selected dates" button.

The limits are broken up into two sections... Total limits and Online Reserve limits. The Total limits encompass all appointments that can be made through myKaarma, including the dealer-facing application, as well as the online scheduler. The Online Reserve however is specifically the number of appointments that can be made online. Under each section you also have the ability to add time blocks. This feature is great for further restricting a transportation option between specific times of day (for example, if your dealership does not offer loaners from 12:00pm - 1:00pm, you could add a time block for that hour where the availability is 0).

Next to the dropdown menu you will also see an overall limit for Online Reserve and Total. These are fallback totals for when a limit is not filled out in the sections below.

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