Setting Up Recurring or Weekly Repeating Schedules, and Configuring Dealership & Advisor Appointment Limits

myKaarma offers two different methods for creating schedules that repeat. By default you can set up an advisor or dealership schedule that repeats weekly, or can allow for changes to specific dates. The second method we offer allows for creating multi-week recurring schedules. If your dealership does not have the recurring schedule feature enabled (more information on how to check if it is enabled can be found below), you can reach out to our support team to have that added.


Setting up weekly repeating or date-specific schedules:

Navigate to the Settings tab » Appointments » Individuals or Dealer Schedule, and select the advisor's schedule that you would like to modify (only applicable if you are in the Individuals section). At the top of the tab you will see a long blue bar which can be used to toggle between modifying the weekly schedule, or the date-specific schedule. You will also see the days at the top of the schedule update accordingly, either showing the general days of the week, or specifying the exact dates.

In this view you can modify the total maximum appointments per day and per slot, as well as turn individual appointment slots on or off. To turn off an appointment slot, simply click on the green slot to turn it off. You can select multiple slots by either holding the Shift key to select multiple time slots in adjoining rows or columns, or holding the Control key to select multiple separate time slots. Finally, you can also toggle all the slots in a day by clicking the day at the top of the column.

  • Green: Slot enabled
  • Red: Slot disabled
  • Gray: Slot unavailable for configuration (This can happen because the slot time is outside of the dealership's hours of operation, or for Individuals schedules, the slot may be disabled in the overall Dealer Schedule which overrides the Individuals schedule. To adjust the hours of operation for your dealership, you can reach out to our support team.)

When you are done making changes, click Save to apply the new schedule.

The weekly schedule will automatically be applied for all weeks, however any changes made to the date-specific schedule will override the weekly repeating schedule. This is great for setting up a schedule that repeats weekly, while still allowing for schedule modifications on holidays and other specific dates.


Setting up recurring schedules:

Unlike the weekly repeating schedules, recurring schedules can be configured for multiple weeks (ie. repeating every 2, 3, or more weeks) for individual advisors. This is also managed by going to the Settings tab » Appointments » Individuals Schedule, and then select the advisor's schedule that you would like to modify. If recurring schedules is enabled, you will see a yellow Edit Recurring Schedules button in the top right corner of the screen.

Simply click on that button, and then select the length of the recurring schedule in weeks, and when you would like that recurring schedule to start from.

Finally, make the desired changes as you would with the weekly repeating schedules mentioned above, and click Save.

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