Why isn’t my RO pulling into myKaarma?


If ROs are not pulling into mykaarma, the issue could be one of the following:


1. If the RO does not have a customer key present, the RO will not pull into myKaarma. Please reach      out to myKaarma Support and provide a default customer key to update in your dealer settings. Once      a default customer key is present, ROs with no customer keys will pull into myKaarma.


2. There are unexpected outages that may occur on occasion that could keep ROs from pulling. If       multiple ROs are failing to pull, please reach out to myKaarma Support for further investigation.


3. The days and hours of operation listed in your dealer's myKaarma settings determine the days         and hours that ROs will pull into myKaarma. Reach out to Support to confirm dealer hours are set         correctly. 




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