Service Cart FAQ

ServiceCart FAQ: 


Q: Why can’t I see any RO’s in my ServiceCart window? 


A: Click on the “Filters” button in the right-hand side of the screen and make sure you are not filtering out RO’s by accident. You can quickly reset this filter by clicking on the “Reset” grey button in the pop up.


If multiple people at your dealership are unable to pull up any RO’s, please reach out to myKaarma support. 


Q: During the workflow, many different symbols appear on the line of the RO, what do they mean? 


A: Starting on the right, if the MPI Status has a video or photo icon next to it, it means that media was taken on that MPI. The eyeball icon next to the customer’s name means that the customer has opened the link sent to them and viewed the MPI. 


The total in the green box shows the total number of estimates in an MPI and the colored boxes next to it show the status of these estimates. 


Q: I would like to see a price breakdown of taxes and fees per line that are included in the overall total. 


A: Open an MPI and in the recommendation section (it will open automatically) click on the box to the furthest left on the line you would like to look at. 



From here, you can see a breakdown of Labor / Parts pricing, taxes, and shop fees per line. 


Q: I am receiving notifications for events / workflow movements and I would like to change these settings.


A: This can be done in the Service Cart settings under the Settings tab accessible by management and users with ADMIN authority. Click Settings Tab > Workflow and under any workflow step or event, click on the Details button. From there, click on “Configure Additional Notifications”. From here you will be able to set who receives notifications at this specific workflow step or event. 



Q: How can I turn off video-only AutoSend for my MPI’s? 


A: Anyone with admin access such as a manager or director will be able to turn it off from the Dealer Settings for ServiceCart in the Settings tab. Once in the Settings tab, go to Service Cart > Global Settings > Autosend Settings and click on Edit. 



From here, you will be able to turn video only AutoSend off per employee.




Q: How can I change the settings for ServiceCart? 


A: Anyone with admin access such as a manager or director will be able to go to the Settings tab and there will be a subtab titled “ServiceCart”. Opening that subtab will give you different choices for changing how ServiceCart is set up for your dealership. 



Inspection Types: Edit the overall MPI settings at your dealership, change who has access to Service Cart / can take inspections, set MPI creation rules (based off opcodes), and autosend delay timing 

Form: Change the questions and input fields for the MPI, used for every inspection. 

Global Settings: Here you can tweak many different settings for your dealership including shop fees + taxes. 

Workflows: Customize the statuses + event notification for how an MPI flows at your dealership

Labor Pricing: Edit the labor pricing (or grid) for the dealership. 

Parts Kit: Change the settings for Service Cart parts integration (separate subscription)


Q: How can I configure video only auto-send? 


A: Any user with admin access such as a manager or director can go to the Settings tab, Global Settings, and then Autosend Settings. You can turn it on by switching the toggle ON (it will turn orange). 



To change the amount of time for the autosend delay, go to Inspection Types > Multi Point Inspection > Set Recommendations. You will be able to set the delay in minutes on the right hand side.  


Q: How can I change who is notified during each step of the workflow? 


A: Go to the Settings tab > Workflow> click on Details next to the status you would like to edit. 



Toggle Configure Additional Notifications to Yes and select who you would like to be notified for this step in the workflow. Repeat these steps for each workflow status you would like to edit the notification settings for. 


Q: How can I stop MPI’s from being created for RO’s with a specific opcode, such as internal RO’s? 


A: Select Settings Tab > ServiceCart > Inspection Types. In the popup, go to Set RO Requirements and click on either Rule to Prevent Inspections or Rule to Create Inspections.



Clicking on either of these buttons, you will see the pop up below. You will then be able to add filters based on Vehicle Brand, Pay Type, or Opcodes. 



Q: How can I set up Parts pricing so that it will come over automatically when filling out the MPI? 


A: We currently offer two ways: if your DMS is CDK you can sign up for Parts integration by contacting or your Regional Sales Executive. Otherwise, you will be able to upload a parts price sheet to pull parts from. In the Settings tab, go to ServiceCart > Global Settings. From there, scroll to Parts Upload and you will be able to upload a CSV file of parts and their respective prices. The rules on how to format this file will be on this page as well.


Q: How do I edit my Workflow?


A: Go to the Settings tab > Service Cart > Workflows. From here, you will be able to rearrange the workflow steps via the arrows to the left of the workflow status, change the color of the status in the Inspect tab for all users, change the name of the workflow step, and configure notification settings via the Details button on the right. 


Please note that the first three workflow statuses can only be renamed, the order cannot be changed due to automations connected to these statuses. 


Q: MPI’s are moving to Closed automatically, why is this happening and how can I change it? 


A: MPI’s are set to Autoclose after a certain amount of time. You can change this setting by going to Settings tab > Global Settings > scroll down to Autoclose. You will be able to set the amount of time in days an MPI can sit in unassign before it is automatically closed. 



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