Mobile Service: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I have to pay for scheduler integration?

DMSs charge for scheduler integration. That is the fee the dealer would have to pay directly. Charges may vary per DMS. 

How do I add more OP Codes for mobile service?

To add more OPCodes, go into the Admin tab, opcode management, and add an opcode from there. Make sure to toggle on Mobile Service and add in the duration

Note: if users do not have this view for opcodes please enable appointments.dealerapp.admintaboptions.responsive.enable.rollout

How do I connect an OP Codes for mobile service to a lead (MBZ only right now)?

To do this, please reach out to

How do I change technician availability or dealership hours of operation?

To change these hours, please reach out to The administration page for schedules is coming soon.

Do I need to use mK's web scheduler to show mobile services on my web scheduler?

Yes, we can only add in Mobile service resource checks and tech availability if the dealership uses our web scheduler. 

Does the technician need to have DMS access in the Van?

No - some technicians do have access, but it is not required. The technician can update the ROs at the end of the day when they arrive at the dealership.

What information is taken into consideration when showing available appointment times?

Available appointment times are based on the technician’s availability, traffic patterns, drive time, and the time needed for the selected services, to display available appointments that remain within the technician's available hours. 

What information is visible for mobile service appointments, and where is this information located?

From the appointments subtab located in the mobile service tab, information such as related service details, notes, videos, and pictures, as well as invoices are all visible. 

Can communication that is sent to customers regarding mobile services be changed?

Text and Email templates can be changed by contacting

Can we set a parameter limit for where mobile service can be provided within?

You can set a radius in miles within which your store can provide mobile service, by contacting

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