How to set up a MIURA device for Payments


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select myKaarma Service Tab.
  3. Turn on Use EMV Device and turn on Use Live Bluetooth Swiper


4. Enter Device Serial Number. If the device serial number contains more than 6 digits, only the last 6 digits should be used (no dashes).

Device Serial Number can be found here:


  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in iPad Settings.


  1. Open Payments tab in myKaarma service tab. A list of all available devices will show in dropdown. If no available MIURA devices show in the dropdown list, press the Bluetooth button on the MIURA device.



  1. The blue light will start blinking faster and you can see the list of all available devices.


  1. Select the appropriate device and follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the device. Make sure the codes that appear on iPad and on the MIURA devices are same. Tap on “Pair”. Sometimes, there can be updates pending before the device can be used.


  1. Once the relevant updates have taken effect, you are ready to use the MIURA device for taking payments. You can also see the check-mark in the myKaarma app which indicates that MIURA device has been configured properly and ready for payments.


  1. Now you can initiate the payments by chip (EMV), magstripe or contactless (Apple Pay & Google Pay). *RO's must be existing in the system*miura10.jpgmiura9.jpgmiura11.JPG

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