On-Boarding: Dealertrack & myKaarma Integration

If you are visiting this page, it means you are the IT manager or equivelent for a given dealership or group.  Below, is the step by step process to integrate myKaarma with DealerTrack.   

For DealerTrack dealerships, the integration is rather simple.  In short, myKaarma needs you to: 

  1. Give myKaarma access as a vendor in Opentrack
  2. Give myKaarma your Enterprise Code, Company Number/Code, Server Name


Step 1: Giving myKaarma access as a vendor in Opentrack

myKaarma will require you run through the below process three times.  Once for the "customer" method, once for the "vehicle" method, and once for the "service" method.  This will allow us to pull the appropriate information into our application.  

  1. Open the DealerTrack program.
  2. Navigate to the Data Exchange application menu.
  3. From the Data Exchange application menu, select the OpenTrack option. (If the OpenTrack menu option does not appear on the Data Exchange application menu, the user security will need to be adjusted)
    • The "Authorize to OpenTrack" prompt can be found in the Data Extraction section of the User Security
  4. Use the function "Add"  on the Active Methods list screen.  The Vendor Access definition will display.  
  5. Define myKaarma Specifications (Remember, you will be doing this three separate times) 
    • Method: Service, Customer, Vehicle
    • Vendor: myKaarma (may be abbreviated "KRYA" "KRMA" "Kaarya LLC") Call us if you are unsure
    • Access Begins: Today (mmddyy)
    • Access Ends: Leave Blank
  6. Press Enter or Select OK.  
    • Congrats! You have added one of the three methods needed.  
  7. Please repeat this process for the remaining two methods (service, customer, or vehicle) 


Step 2:  Give myKaarma your Enterprise Code, Company Number/Code, Server Name

  1. To find this data, please navigate to the "information" function in the top right corner of your Data Exchange application menu.  
  2. If there you have a different interface just hover over your dealerships name in the top right hand corner.
  • Enterprise Code: Examples: MM, SBLG (Numeric or Alpha)
  • Company Number/Code: Examples: SBLG, MMU (Numeric or Alpha)
  • Server Name: Examples:  itrack6.arkona.com, itrack7.arkona.com


Step 3: myKaarma will take care of the rest!

After forwarding the information from step 2, our on-boarding team can now move forward and complete the remainder of the integration.  Thank you for your assistance.  If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to reach out to your on-boarding contact at myKaarma.  If you are unable to connect to them, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@mykaarma.com

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