How to install myKaarma Desktop IDTech Swipers


1. Click here to download the Generic driver. 

2. Locate the downloaded zip file on your computer

3. Right click and select extract all

4. Goto extracted folder GenericOPOSDriver

5. Run setup.exe by double-clicking on it

6. Follow instructions on screen

7. Restart the system after installing the driver. Restart is required.

8. Connect the swiper to a USB port.

9. You are done!



It may be necessary for administrators to do silent unattended installs. Follow these steps below to do so.

1. Click here to download the Generic driver which includes a default "answer file" named "setup.iss". This file contains answers to automate the installation dialog.

2. It may be necessary to modify the installation directory inside the "setup.iss" file.  The default drive is "C:", and the default directory is for 64 bit Windows which installs to "Program Files (x86)", you will need to change this for 32 bit Windows installations to "Program Files".  To make the change, open the "setup.iss" file in a text editor, and change the value after "szDir=". Then save the file.

3. Once you are ready to install, run the Setup.exe with the "/s" command to silent install using Windows CMD.exe running as Administrator.

4. After the installation, you must reboot the computer.

If you have any issues, it is helpful to know the GenericOPOSDriver installer is compiled using InstallShield.  Internet searches provide detailed information about unattended installs with InstallShield.  For some basic information on the process, and also how to create your own "answer file", find the "InstallShield" section of this following article: 

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