How do I edit the request for payment sent to my customers by text message?

To edit the content of the text message sent to your customers when their car is ready for them to view their invoice and pay online, you have to edit three different text templates in the myKaarma system that service different functions.  Follow the steps below to see how to do it:

1.  First access your Administration Portal through the myKaarma app by selecting "Manage Settings".  Only dealers with an administrative role will be able to access the Administration Portal.



2.  Select "Text Templates" from the menu on the left hand side in your Administration Portal.

3.  Select the "Automated" option on the top


4.  There are three templates here that all start with the words "Payment Request", all three of these are sent in different circumstances to your customers.

"Payment Request Text For Zero Amount" - This is the message sent to customers when they are receiving a copy of their warranty invoice.  This template will not be used for customer pay repair orders.

"Payment Request text when customer email address is not present" - This message is sent to your customers when they have customer pay invoices to pay, but they do not have an email address in the system.

"Payment Request text when customer email is present" - This message is sent to your customers when they have customer pay invoices to pay and the customer will also be receiving a payment request via email.



5.  Select "edit" for each of these templates to edit them, but make sure to include the necessary tags for the payment request: _invoiceurls and _payurl.  These are the invoice and pay links that are displayed in the text message respectively, if you remove them from the template your customers will not see the invoice or pay link in their text notification.


5.  For more details on the tags that are supported in these templates view this help center article. 

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