Download and Install the myKaarma Desktop Application - Links and instructions


Your IT manager or equivalent has been provided a dealership link at the time of onboarding. Contact them FIRST to have the application installed.

While you wait, you can log into myKaarma with limited functions using Google Chrome at

Administrator download instructions

If you are an ADMIN, you can log in to retrieve a download link specific to your dealership here:

(See the screenshot below for the location) mceclip0.png

NON-Administrator download instructions

This link is a generic download for the application. You will need ADMIN access on your computer to complete the installation:


Short instructions:

1. Download the installer

2. Right-click the download and "EXTRACT ALL." A new window will open.

3. Right Click "Setup" and "Run as Administrator"  Note: If you do not have Admin access, this is where you need to ask your IT for help/access.

4. Follow the steps and complete the installer. Note: you may need to select your payment gateway during the installation. 
Do not guess! 
Call and ask mK support at 562.349.1367 and we will look that up for you.

Long instructions:

Step 1 - Whitelisting:

Step 2 - get admin access to your computer: 

Make sure you are installing myKaarma with administrative authorities for the device the application is being installed. If you do not have this, seek help from your IT.


Step 3 - Download:

 See the links at the TOP of this article to download the installer

Step 4 - Run as Admin: 

Right-click and "Extract All" to open the ZIP file, then RUN the installer.   Note: If you do not have Admin access, this is where you need to ask your IT for help/access.

Step  5 - Confirm all is well: 

Start myKaarma Desktop on each computer and confirm they run.  You should see myKaarma Desktop auto-update itself, and a login window should appear.


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    The download button does not work.



    The link now works. Thanks for correcting this!

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    It's a picture without a hyperlink. Please fix this ASAP. It's been months

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    Rich Samuels

    Jesse, Rich: Apologies for the confusion. The post is now updated with links.

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