How do I refund a customer?

If you do not have access to refund customers, please contact a user with admin access.

  1. Go to the Payments Tab. 
  2. Click "Ready to Send." 
  3. Search for the RO, then click on it when it appears.
  4. Click the "Details" Button next to the other icons.
  5. If you wish to refund the whole amount, simply type your password and click Yes. 
  6. If there are multiple transactions present, simply click on the $ sign next to the transaction you wish to refund on the same RO.

  7. In the Refund pop-up window, edit the dollar amount you wish to give back to the customer. Then type your password and click Yes.


    If you wish to do a partial refund, you may need to wait through an overnight cycle for the funds to settle. After that time has passed, follow steps 1-4.  
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