Available tags for text templates

When adding or editing a text template in the myKaarma system, you have the option to use tags that are specific to the customer that is receiving the text message.  Here are the list of available tags you can use for each template:

 Manual Text Templates

1. _fname = customer first name

2. _lname = customer last name
3. _advisorfname = advisor first name
4. _advisorlname = advisor last name
5. _ordernumber -- for special order ONLY!
6. _inspectionUrl -- only for inspection messages ONLY!


Welcome Text Template

1. _customer_firstname = customer first name

2. _customer_lastname = customer last name

3. _dealer_name = dealership name


Payment Request Text Template

1. _invoiceurls = URL for the invoice sent to the customer through myKaarma.

2. _payurl = URL for payment link for your customers to payonline

3. _customer_firstname = customer first name

4. _dealerassociate_fname = users first name who sent message to customer

5. _dealer_name = dealership name.

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    Can we please get a tag fr the customer's current vehicle?

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    can we add one for manual texting? customer's email

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