How do I access the myKaarma Administration Portal?

There are two ways to access the myKaarma Administration portal. However, you will need to make sure the following criteria is met/true:

  • You will need to be a "Service Administrator" of your myKaarma account.

*You will be a "Service Administrator" if you were listed in a managerial role at the dealership at the time your dealership was setup with myKaarma. If you are not able to access the Administration Portal by clicking "Manage Settings", then you are not listed as a "Service Administrator" in myKaarma. If you believe you should be, please call myKaarma support at 562-349-1367 or email us at

How to Access...

Option 1: Go to your administration portal in the drop down menu in your myKaarma application and select the "Manage Settings" option.


Option 2: If you are offsite or do not have myKaarma desktop app installed, you can login to the myKaarma Admin Portal from our website (

When it asks for your username and password, you will enter your myKaarma credentials. For the username, you can enter your myKaarma username or the email associated with your user.

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