How to take payments using myKaarma Desktop EMV Swiper

Before taking payments using the new Ingenico desktop swiper, please make sure that your device is configured properly.  

Instructions on how to configure your device can be found in this article - "How to install myKaarma Desktop EMV Swipers"

  1. Start the myKaarma Desktop application and login

  2. Navigate to the "Payments" Tab and then the "Pay Now" sub-tab.

  3. It is ok for the Device to say - "Powered by NMI".  This is the normal message displayed on the device when in a "dormant" state.

  4. Enter an existing RO Number, or a new RO Number (just like you would take a payment using a normal swiper), and hit <tab>.

  5. Click on the "Pay" button.
  6. This will display the following message

  7. After the repair order has been validated, the please follow instructions on the device.

    NOTE: If this message does not appear in 3-4 seconds, then there is some problem communicating with the device.  Please contact myKaarma Support so we can identify the issue with setup.

  8. You may cancel the payment at any time by clicking on the "cancel" button.
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