How to Ensure Calls are Recorded

Outgoing call:

1. Make sure to always use Kaarma when initiating a phone call! Below are two examples of how you can initiate a call to a customer by clicking on any of the blue phone symbols:

  • Below is an example of making a call through the Customer Tab, searching for a specific customer, and clicking on the call button.

  • In this example below, I went into the Messages Tab and found the existing thread with the customer. Any of the four buttons pointed out in the image will begin a call with the specific customer.  

  • This example below uses the call button on the top right section of the application, and it can be used at all times to quickly search for a customer to call.

2. After clicking on the call button, this screen with the customer information will appear. If the information is incorrect such as the customer is using a different number, then you can check change preference to adjust the number. Otherwise, click on the call button.

  • First, the application will dial the number linked to your account. After you pick up the phone and it will begin to dial the customer's phone number. As soon as the customer answers, you will see the screen as shown below.

3. Once the call is complete, you will be able to see the voice recording in the Customer Tab within the customer's message thread. 

Incoming Calls:

1. All incoming calls to the Kaarma number set up for your dealership will be recorded in our application.


  • The incoming call voice recording will appear in the notifier as shown below:

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