Is myKaarma able to recognize a cellular number if it is in the "Home" number or "Main" field?

1. Dealer personnel need to have the discipline to enter the cell phone number in the cell phone field of the customer record in the DMS. myKaarma then automatically pulls the cell number from the DMS and populates the cell number in the myKaarma system.  

2. myKaarma allows texting to numbers captured in the "Main" field (DMS) and other non-cell numbers. While the system allows this flexibility, we encourage dealers to capture the cell phone number in the correct field in the DMS. If a text cannot be delivered to a number (home, cell, work or any other), myKaarma identifies these messages in the inbox as undelivered. The user then has the opportunity to correctly categorize the phone number and resend the text.

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    I do not get a message "not sent" when the number is in the home field......

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