myKaarma Mobile Device Compatibility Chart

Compatibility by Product

myKaarma Product iOS 10 + Android 5+
Communications checkbox-01.png checkbox-01.png
Payments* checkbox-01.png checkbox-01.png
VideoWalkaround checkbox-01.png checkbox-01.png
Appointment Ledger checkbox-01.png checkbox-01.png
Pickup & Delivery checkbox-01.png checkbox-01.png
ServiceCart checkbox-01.png xcheckbox-01.png
Mobile Service checkbox-01.png xcheckbox-01.png

*Not All Processors Support Mobile Payments

Compatibility by Device

Apple Devices

(iOS 10 or Greater Only)

Android Devices

Any OS 5 Lollipop Device May Work.

Functionality may be limited*

Device   Tested Device   Tested
iPhone 14 Series checkbox-01.png Yes Samsung Galaxy S7+ checkbox-01.png Yes
iPhone 13 Series checkbox-01.png Yes One Plus 6 checkbox-01.png Yes
iPhone 12 Series checkbox-01.png Yes Galaxy Note checkbox-01.png No
iPhone SE (Second Edition) checkbox-01.png Yes Google Pixel checkbox-01.png No
iPhone 11 Series checkbox-01.png Yes Moto G 2018 + checkbox-01.png No
iPhone X Series checkbox-01.png Yes Other Devices* checkbox-01.png No
iPhone 8 Series checkbox-01.png Yes Microsoft Surface* xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPhone SE (First Edition) checkbox-01.png Yes Amazon Kindle xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPhone 7 Series checkbox-01.png Yes Blackberry xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPhone 6s Series  checkbox-01.png Yes *Microsoft Surface Devices Running Full Versions of Windows support the myKaarma Desktop Application.
iPhone 6 Series xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPhone 5 Series and older xcheckbox-01.png N/A

Apple iPad/iPod Devices *
iPod Touch 7 checkbox-01.png Yes
iPod Touch 6 checkbox-01.png Yes
iPod Touch 5 and Older xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPad Mini 2 + checkbox-01.png Yes
iPad Air checkbox-01.png Yes
iPad Pro checkbox-01.png Yes
iPad 4 + checkbox-01.png Yes
iPad Mini (original) xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPad (Original) xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPad 2 xcheckbox-01.png N/A
iPad 3 xcheckbox-01.png N/A
*iPad and iPod Devices do not support in-app calling.
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    When will we have full android integration?

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    Need this working on samsung. Not just partially.

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