Auto Delegation

Auto Delegation is a way for the system to automatically delegate customer conversation threads to a different user (after a specified number of days of their RO closing). Someone from the dealership's management team would need to reach out to myKaarma support to enable this feature for the dealership. Please note, this feature can be enabled for one or multiple users but conversations can only be auto delegated to one account. 



  • Truly allows you to spread the inbound text traffic among a team of BDC agents or Service Department
  • When a customer calls in after a few months of their RO closing, calls/texts can be forwarded to one specific account, for example BDC shared account, rather than the last person they worked with
  • When a customer texts back in response to the follow-up text/email, the response can go to a specific account instead of the Service Advisor


1. I do not have the BDC shared inbox product and would not want to purchase it, what can I do?

If you do NOT want to purchase BDC inbox, create a fake user in myKaarma. This user would have a username and password that multiple people have access to.

For example:
Role: BDC Agent
Name: “Service BDC”
Number: <your BDC direct hunt line>

2. What if a customer texts in, what can you do?
You will need to have your agents log in as that user. Again, please ensure multiple people have access to the credentials in order to locate text messages.

If you have a BDC team, we strongly recommend going the shared BDC inbox route to avoid any issues.

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